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Department of Occupational Therapy, Chang Gung University



Research Laboratories


Research Laboratories

Dr. Ching-Yi Wu

Motor Behavioral Research Lab

Dr. Ling-Fu Meng

Neurocognition, Orthographic Processing & Accessibility Lab

Dr. I-Hsuan Shen

Electrophysiology Lab

Dr. Hsin-Yung Chen

Neuroengineering and Assistive Technology Lab

Dr. Kuan-Yi Li

Sensorimotor Control Lab

Dr. Pei-Ying Sarah Chan

Respiratory Sensation & Psychophysiology Lab

Dr. Yu-Wei Hsieh

Clinical Neurorehabilitation Research Lab

Dr. Hsian-Han Huang

Infant and Toddler Perceptual-Motor Behavior Lab

Dr. Chia-Hsiung Cheng

Laboratory of Brain Imaging and Neural Dynamics (BIND Lab)

Dr. Po-Yu Chen

Aging, Brain, Cognition Lab (ABC Lab)

Dr. I-Ching Chuang

Community Health Promotion and Aging Lab


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