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Division of Clinical Psychology


Features of the Division

The Division integrates the faculty and the research resources in the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry for the development in multiple directions. The students are expected to have a solid background of knowledge, clinical capabilities, and research abilities as the foundations for the life-time career development.
The curriculum program of the Clinical Psychology Division emphasizes the professional training to prepare the students suitable for the future career in the field of clinical psychology. Therefore, the Department encourages the students to devote themselves to the clinical practice in addition to taking the required and the optional courses after admission to take advantage of the effect of the combination of theory and practice.
With respect to research, the students are required to complete at least one representative research project under the supervision of the advisor and write the thesis for the degree examination. Currently there are many on-going research projects in the Division. The Division will continue to collaborate with the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and other hospitals to conduct clinical studies including the studies in neurological psychopathology, the studies in developmental psychopathology, and the studies in behavioral pharmacology.
Admission Quota
Admission via Documentation/Interview: 2 (First Semester of the School Year)
Regular Admission: 6 (Second Semester of the School Year)
Total: 8
Graduated from public or private universities or foreign universities or schools recognized by the Ministry of Education with : Bachelor degree and one of the following requirements shall be met
1.            Graduated from the Department of Psychology
2.            Graduated from a Department in the Medical College
3.            Graduated from Departments not listed above but took courses related to General Psychology and Statistics with credit units
Preliminary Examinations
Written Examinations (40%)
1.        Psychology
2.        Psychological Methods
Second Examinations
Oral Examinations (60%)
At least 3 years of study are required for the Clinical Psychology Division
Academic modules
Core modules
Elective modules
Adult Clinical Psychology
Clinical Neuropsychology
Pediatric Clinical Psychology
Health Psychology
Journal club
Psychological Medicine
Drug Abuse
Case conference
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